Cool product – Soap Nuts!

The newest thing in the laundry room is Soap Nuts made by Greener Living. They are dried berries of tropical trees.

Earthly Clean

Not many brands are able to place the tag 100% certified organic laundry detergent on their laundry detergent but they can because their detergent grows on trees!

User feedback has been quite positive. Upsides are clean clothes, completely organic products. Downsides are that they can be a bit sticky to use!

You can buy a whole kit that includes the enough soap nuts for up to 400 washes, coconut fiber scrubbing pads, tea tree oil and a Greener Living Soap bar.

To purchase this cool product go to

All You Need by Greener Living Ltd.


A unique autumn arrangement

Recently I went to the Farmers market and ended up buying two bunches of flowers that make the most unusual and interesting pairing. Actually the one bunch I purchased is not a flower but considered a plant. It is called a Pumpkin Tree or Pumpkin bush. (for better explanation click here: To accompany the beautiful branch of the Pumpkin Tree I added 3 stems of white Dracon lillies. The contrast of the two is quite striking. It will be interesting to see if the arrangement is more attractive when the lilies have bloomed.

lillies, pumpkin tree, pairing

An unusual pair for autumn

An unusal pairing #2

I’ve started enjoying the fun way people display pumpkins at this time of year and have begun taking photographs of different pumpking arrangements that stand out. Here is a picture of some graduated pumpkins on a porch deck. They’ll look great on Halloween all lit up.

pumpkins, arrangement

Graduated pumpkins