Christmas arrangements

Here are a few of my favorite Christmas floral arrangements. Enjoy!

Happy holidays to you.

 Winstons FloristWinston’s Florist

 Mill Street Florist




Lumpy, bumpy grass!

On my walk down by the beach the other day I wandered along and waited for something botanically interesting to jump out at me. Something did, well, it didn’t jump but it certainly showed itself and was a perfect subject for a post. The real term is zoysia tenuifolia but most would refer to it as the ‘lumpy grass‘ or the ‘now-mow’ grass. If you’ve never seen this grass with your own eyes, it really is a treat. It feels really interesting too.

The Zoysia grasses family are native to east and southeast Asia and tend to be a good choice if you are looking for low maintenance ground cover and live in a relatively mild climate. The zoysia grasses can handle a wide variation in sunlight, fertilization, temperatures and climate changes.  It grows rather slowly but as it does, it creates interesting lumps and bumps and takes on a rather ‘mossy’ look.


Beautiful winter arrangements

I was blown away when I received the Olive and Cocoa catalog a few weeks back and saw their beautiful winter floral arrangements. I can’t decide what appeals to me more, the amazing, natural vessels that the arrangements come in or the actual flowers and organic pieces that are placed  in the containers. Either way, I love all the arrangements and wanted to share them with you. What is your favorite?


(All images from Olive and Cocoa website:

California Christmas

I’m working at the Holiday Homes Tour this weekend which is a charity event run by The Sandpipers. The Sandpipers are a philanthropic organization that generates funds for multiple organizations in the South Bay community. To add a little Christmas fun I made a few arrangements for the check out tables. I used some fig leaves off my plant at home and added some lilies and berries. To anchor the flowers a bit I placed a pine cone in the arrangement. I can’t wait to learn more about arranging and do a ‘professional’ job one day!