What is a floral forager?

I stumbled across a really interesting article on a book coming out this spring called the 50 Mile Bouquet. It is a book that introduces the readers to inspiring floral designers, farmers and interesting visionaries in the botanical world.

Debra Prinzing and her husband David Perry have been travelling and doing lots of research and are excited to announce their books’ availability this April. You can pre-order it on Amazon.

I’m so excited to get this book and see all the amazing people who are breaking traditional stigmas attached to the floral industry. There are ways to look at the floral industry in a sustainable and thoughtful manner. Flowers and plant design which inherently is beautiful can be even more so when cultivated in an environmental and social manner.

Debra shares a quick snippet as a teaser to her book by talking about the most interesting and unusual women named Valerie Prosek. She is considered a ‘floral forager’ which means she travels around the San Fransisco area before the San Francisco Flower Market and gathers her goods to be sold off the sides of highways, behind buildings and anywhere she sees interesting plants, flowers and foliage that she thinks people will be willing to buy. You can see a video if you click on the attachment. Pretty interesting!



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