Two iconic hotels – two cool styles

Last week I stayed overnight at the Bel-Aire Hotel and attended functions at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Wow, amazing flowers and botany. The two hotels couldn’t be any more different. Both iconic but both defining different ‘atmospheres’ and tones.

The Bel-Aire was quiet and serene (see photo of real swans floating on pond at front desk). It had a very exclusive vibe and when you walk over the old covered bridge to the lobby you can smell the scent of real wood fire burning. Nice. The landscaping is so beautiful.Although this hotel had just undergone a 3-4 year remodel you can see that they respected the traditional flora and fauna that existed and made minimal changes. You can see by the size of the California Sycamore and the ferns in a few of the pics that these guys have been around for a long, long time.

The Beverly Hills Hotel did not disappoint. Very different from the Bel-Aire but equally interesting. The energy when you walked up the red carpet into the lobby was vibrant and very cool. You almost feel famous just because you’re there! Almost;)

All floral statements were very grand, opulent and showy unlike the understated vibe of the Bel-Aire. The flowers were amazing. I can’t imagine how many people and how much time go into these arrangements.

The photos aren’t great but I did my best trying not to take too long snapping the shots so I didn’t look like the corny tourist!

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