2 design classes in 1 post!

It has been a crazy week since I have posted. So, here are some pics of two design classes in 1!

My month-long class is over but my journey really has just begun. I have learnt a lot about what I’m not interested in doing in the floral world and a lot about what I am interested in doing. Here a few of my observations in point form to try and keep it really simple:

– reduce waste when arranging, use left over greens to provide structure and ‘base’ to arrangements, share scraps with others, one piece you were going to throw out could be their treasure!

buy LOCAL! if at all possible, buy local, in season flowers to support your community, and reduce your carbon footprint

-research, research and more research! I have gained so much knowledge from other people’s blogs, websites and articles, so many bright and intelligent ideas and people out there!

– let it flow! it’s so easy to get nervous or uptight when you have a pile of beautiful flowers in front of you and pressure to perform, sounds funny but it’s true, I’ve learnt to let it go, and when I do good things happen:)

– be conscious about the products you use when arranging – I had no idea that floral foam was unhealthy for humans to work with and that floral foam is non-composting which means it goes into landfills – what a shame –  it is an amazing product for designing but I’m taking every step possible to try to arrange without it and find healthy, greener alternatives

That’s it. So much for point form on the above take-aways. I tried. I’m just a bit long-winded at times! Have a wonderful Sunday.

(from left to right) Triangle design, vase design and sunflower topiary

Table arrangement – not the flowers or greens I would use but helpful to learn how to make one!

Tropical design

My favorite – a hand tied design I did after class, no floral foam used!


What a table!

Design Milk featured an artist named Emily Wettstein who is an architect student at grad school in Brooklyn, New York. She made this amazing table with recycled walnut and steel and the center piece is removable to have the flexibility to change plants.

I want one!

Read more at Design Milk: http://design-milk.com/planter-table-by-emily-wettstein/#ixzz1jCCEf02r

All photos from Design Milk

Cool Spot – The High Line NYC

OK, seriously, what is cooler than repurposing a scrappy old train junkyard into a beautiful, floating urban oasis? The Highline is a suspended green space that stretches almost a mile and a half through the Meat Packing district in Manhattan’s lower west side. Very close to being demolished, the closed down elevated rail line now stretches and blooms above the bustling streets of Manhattan from Gansevoort Street to 34th Street.

I had the special opportunity to visit the High Line when it first opened in 2009. It was packed! You couldn’t believe the line-ups to gain access to this unusual and beautiful stretch of greenery in the middle of NYC!

There natural growth that occurs on the Highline is year round. To check out what is in bloom at any current time click here: http://www.thehighline.org/design/planting .

You can also see all the great events and happenings on the Highline and a more in-depth description of this beautiful urban architectural feat at the official Highline site: http://www.thehighline.org .