Beautiful winter arrangements

I was blown away when I received the Olive and Cocoa catalog a few weeks back and saw their beautiful winter floral arrangements. I can’t decide what appeals to me more, the amazing, natural vessels that the arrangements come in or the actual flowers and organic pieces that are placed  in the containers. Either way, I love all the arrangements and wanted to share them with you. What is your favorite?


(All images from Olive and Cocoa website:


California Christmas

I’m working at the Holiday Homes Tour this weekend which is a charity event run by The Sandpipers. The Sandpipers are a philanthropic organization that generates funds for multiple organizations in the South Bay community. To add a little Christmas fun I made a few arrangements for the check out tables. I used some fig leaves off my plant at home and added some lilies and berries. To anchor the flowers a bit I placed a pine cone in the arrangement. I can’t wait to learn more about arranging and do a ‘professional’ job one day!

Wax out – plant in!

So if you have a candle obsession like me you have probably come across the same question as me regarding what to do with your beautiful candle container that no longer has a candle in it. I’ve never tried to attempt to get rid of all the wax although I know there are plenty of tips on how to do it! (

I have been saving two Voluspa candle containers for a while now. They are so pretty and I couldn’t think of what to do with them. I had two indoor plants that needed a home and voila, they fit perfect! Since the candle containers don’t have a hole for drainage the best thing to do is keep the plants in their containers and put some small rocks at the bottom for drainage.

My girls love their new home!

El Segundo Plaza – festive arrangements and cool iron art

Maybe it’s just me but I have noticed cyclamens being used a lot this year for holiday botanical displays. Recently, at El Segundo plaza I noticed the beautiful displays of red a white cyclamens in the concrete pots outside the shops. Once I had taken the pictures I decided to stroll around the rest of the plaza to capture the unique iron art they have displayed throughout the property. 

Designed by world-renowned father and son sculptors Phillip and Chad Glashoff.

This piece of art truly amazed me. I have gone to The Veggie Grill countless times and never noticed that this wasn’t a real tree. It blends in so well. My daughter kept on playing with the reeds around the base of the tree and something made me look up. When I did, I noticed that this tree is made entirely of iron. Right down to the small leaves. What a beautiful piece of art, and outside of my favorite restaurant too!

Embrace the ‘Moss’

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Who would think that moss could be so beautiful. Up until recently, I have always been so frustrated with moss. Once it starts to grow, it seems impossible to get rid of.  Our yard gets moss every year around this time and the bricks begin to look green rather than the reddish color that we get so used to during the summer. I’ve tried to dry it out, scrape it etc. but then I realized one day that it is quite lovely. I mean, “hello?” it’s natural and pretty!

My discovery came when I was taking a picture of a succulent arrangement that I had just made and set it out on the bricks in the back to take the shot. What I realized was that the mossy bricks with some sunlight cast on them and the arrangement sitting in the middle was quite special. Now, with a new perspective, I’ve gone back out into the yard and looked at the bricks and can’t believe I was trying to get rid of it. I love the natural and real feel of  the  yard. The moss essentially reminds us of what season we are in. The sun casts lower in our yard during the fall and we get the beautiful gift of an intricate, natural green carpet on certain areas of our old brick.

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